Border markers are themselves very often primary tourist attractions. Natural and cultural heritages are often very interesting in cross-border areas, and this happens also with exclaves.

Each one has developed its own tourist identity: Büsingen is well know in a walking and trekking circuit around the Constance-Lake, adding also water activities; the "double" city of Baarle is a typical tourist destination for its calm and pleasant life; Campione plays the role of a small village on the important tourist lake of Lugano, adding a gambling activity in its famous Casinò; Llìvia has a nature-based tourism due to its preserved heritage, attracting also for its identity, for different special events and for its cuisine.

Please take note of these contacts and websites:


♦ Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau

Toeristisch Infokantoor VVV Baarle-Nassau-Hertog -  Nieuwstraat 16 5111 CW Baarle-Nassau Tel +31 (0)13- 5079921 Fax +31 (0)13- 5073108 website


♦ Büsingen am Hochrehin

Gemeinde Büsingen - 78266 Büsingen Tel +49 (0) 7734 930220 Fax +49 (0) 7734 / 930250
See tourist section of the website


♦ Campione d'Italia

Azienda Turistica - Corso Italia nr. 2 - 22060 Campione d'Italia (CO)  Tel.+4191 649 5051 Fax: +4191 649 9178 website:

Casinò di Campione


♦ Llivia

Ajuntament de Llivia A tourist section of the website of the Municipality: